30-Day Experiment #2: Healthy Eating

Chicken Vindaloo With Cauliflower Rice

by Scott Kostolni

Experiment #1 didn’t work out quite as I had hoped, and resulted in my taking a 9 month break to writing.  Recently the urge to learn, and write has been hitting me pretty hard and led me to dream up a new experiment and a wish to share my experiences online again.  So for the next month I’ll be posting on here and we’ll see how it goes.

Destination: A Healthy Lifestyle

I have never been a very health conscious person.  I never really learned how to eat well, exercise or really take care of my body.  This has led me to being overweight, fairly out of shape, and extremely discouraged. My health is the part of myself I’d most like to improve, so I have set it as my main direction.  Starting from where I am now, (not being healthy at all) living a healthy lifestyle seems pretty impossible but breaking it down into different parts feels more manageable.  The first part I’ll be tackling is my diet.

I’m choosing to focus on my eating habits for a few reasons.  It is one of the areas which has the greatest room for improvement, and it’s also an area that can help me get the greatest results in loosing weight.  Both reasons are extremely important to me and if successful will build massive amounts of momentum in making the other necessary changes in my life.

Scott’s Rough Guide To Eating Healthy

When I started coming up with this experiment and mapping out where I wanted it to go there were a few guidelines I knew I needed to follow.  The first of which was I did not want to “go on a diet”.  Being on a diet sounds restrictive and turns me off to the idea right away.  It also paints the idea that it is a temporary solution, and that eventually I would return to eating the way I was before.  If I wanted to maintain my health then it only makes sense that I find a healthy way of eating that would be sustainable for a long as possible.

The second guideline was that it needed to be enjoyable.  If I have to eat the same bland foods over and over again with no variety or taste I would not last long.  Simplicity is important to me, so I don’t mind having a few staples but I need to be able to mix and dress them so I still enjoy eating.

The last guideline I came up with was that it has to be an easy choice to make.  Fast food is so easy to get and readily available that it makes it almost a no-brainer when you are hungry.  I need something that is just as available and easy that I can make the choice to be healthy with the least amount of resistance.

The Paleolithic/Slow-Carb Diet

After doing some research and thinking about what has worked for me before I picked the Paleolithic/Slow-Carb style of eating.  You can google either one of those terms and come up with a whole slew of links with more information but it mainly consists of eating foods that our ancestors ate hundreds of years ago; foods that our body is designed to consume.  McDonald’s and all fast food is out, in fact all processed food (or non-food as some of it is) is to be avoided.  Instead you eat natural foods, fruits, vegetables, chicken, beef, etc.

This style of eating meets all my requirements, and has the added benefit of including some of my favorite foods (bacon for instance!).  It’s a healthy form of consumption that I can stick with for as long as I want.  It’s flexible, there are tons of recipes already available and by making just a few small changes to the foods you eat already they can be converted into slow-carb meals.  A lot of these meals are also extremely easy to make (think feeding yourself or your family in under 15 minutes); As long as I do my part (shopping and cooking in advance when possible) I can make sure I have healthy meals available whenever I’m hungry and make it the easy choice.

Starting Out On Day 2

It’s 6AM which is getting towards the end of my day and I just finished eating Chicken Vindaloo (pictured above) for dinner.  So tomorrow when everyone reads this I’ll be on my second day.  Over the next month I’ll be posting my experiences and the results of eating healthier.  My hopes are high that I will see some physical results and by the end of the month this will be second nature that I’ll be ready to move on to the next part of living a healthy lifestyle.

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